Kids, Kows & More

Welcome to Kids, Kows, and More – where learning comes to life! Our curriculum enrichment event is designed to show kids how agriculture touches their lives every day.

This program offers great activities, such as:

– Engaging with beef, pork, and poultry animals, learning about their care, and the role they play in our everyday lives.

– Uncovering the secrets of cotton cultivation, from seed to fabric, and exploring the importance of this crop in our community.

– Watching the process of collecting milk from a dairy cow, learning about the different breeds, and the importance of cleanliness when collecting milk, all while drinking a carton of milk.

Join us for an educational adventure that will leave children inspired and connected to the wonderful world of agriculture. Let’s grow and learn together!

Midland County Kids, Kows, & More 2024 Coming Soon!

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